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January 1

Right now all the planning and work of putting together a wedding can seem a little stressful. While it seems a bit crazy right now, it will all come together. The bottom line – your wedding day will be the BEST DAY of your life and you can then savor every moment of that day.

January 2

Spend some time in the weeks leading up to your wedding writing a series of notes for your spouse-to-be, to be opened at particular times (like on your first anniversary, after your first fight, or when your first child is born). It’s a wonderful way to memorialize how you’re feeling at a time when you can’t imagine being more in love with someone.

January 3

Set up a separate email address to use for all wedding correspondence.

January 4








Start a savings fund together.  Then pick a specific amount to add to it each month and stick to that.  Start your marriage with a good habit of saving.

January 5

Number the back of your RSVP cards and then number your guest list accordingly. If your guests don’t write their name on the card (or if you can’t read their writing), you’ll still know whose it is.

rsvp card








January 6

Have you bra sewn into your dress. Then you don’t have to worry about your strapless bra slipping around all night or having your bra showing.

January 7

After you create your budget, add one or two percent more to cover those last minute items.

January 8

So many exciting things will happen this year.  You will want to look back at this year and know that you did everything possible every day to stay positive and live each day to the fullest, always keeping your attitude and effort in check.

January 9

If you can afford it, hire a wedding coordinator.  This one thing will help you to really enjoy the day and not worry if the cake arrived or where is the toss bouquet.

January 10

Don’t Get Caught Up in “Perfection”. Some of your best moments might be the ones you don’t plan for at all.

January 11

Guest list inflation causes most weddings to go way off budget.  Guess lists tend to grown because families insist certain personal friends, business associates, and the like must be invited.  Inviting family relatives you have not seen in 15 years is also a budget buster.

January 12

Old Wedding Dress












Did your mom preserve her wedding dress? If there’s no chance that you or a sibling would ever wear it, ask if you can add a sentimental touch to your bouquet by wrapping a piece of her gown around the stems. Odds are that if she’s kept it for so long, she’d be honored to have you use it in your wedding, even if you aren’t wearing it.

January 13

To keep the one you have, treat them like you don’t have them yet. (Sonya Teclai)

January 14

A wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable.

January 15

Don’t get caught up in the detail! The most important thing is that you are marrying the love of your life! The food, cake, flowers, and drinks have no bearing on the marriage, so focus on the real importance of the event.

January 16









Photos are important because you will not see half of what is happening during the wedding.  Your investment in a good professional photographer is priceless.  Most photographers book anywhere from six months to one year in advance

January 17

Keep your focus on what matters most! Friends and family will lend advice, opinions, and even objections to your decisions and that makes it easy to second guess your decisions. You and your fiancée are a team and should go where your hearts takes you. This is a celebration of your love, so every choice should be yours.

January 18

Make your escort card display more personal by including photos of all the married couples attending your wedding.

January 19

Take a photo of your hands with your wedding rings of all generations – grandmother, mother, and you.

January 20

Remember that it’s your wedding.  Don’t make decisions based on “tradition” or pressure from others.

January 21

For travel, buy airline tickets on Tuesday and book a hotel on Sunday nights.

January 22

Before you order your invitations check the size.  Oversized invitations will mean more postage, and this can add up fast.  Larger sizes and details like bows or charms can also increase postage expense.

January 23

Prioritize! You want your guests to say, “That was so much fun!!” You can accomplish that by choosing the few things that are really important to you and then being flexible on the other details.

January 24

The perfect wedding does not exist.  Things will go wrong.  Aim for a wonderful wedding and keep your sanity.

January 25

Sometimes you need to accept that you can’t please everyone. Family issues and disputes can arise. Don’t try to make everyone happy, just remember this is your day and make it all about you. It really is the only day that you will get that chance.

January 26 

Make your wedding reflect who you are as a couple.  Love wine – it’s time for a vineyard wedding.  Love water – check out getting married at a venue with a lake.

January 27

Choreography your own first dance.

January 28









Japanese Washi tape is perfect for the DIY Bride.  These masking tapes are made of washi paper so they are semi transparent, have a nice feel and easy to use. Washi tape can be reused since they are removable and repositionable. Lots of colors and styles.  With an endless choice of colors and patterns, not to mention the low price tag, Washi tape is the perfect DIY tool to add some flair to anything.

January 29

Embroidered Monogram











Use your monogram and embroider it on your veil.

January 30

Create a budget and stick to it.  Determine where the funds will come from.

January 31

Timing can make a differenceSave money by booking on a Friday or Sunday versus Saturday.  Everyone wants to get married in the peak season – May, June, September and October.  Choose an off-peak month to save money.  If you want prime season, book early – dates go fast.

February 1 

If you have young children, hire a sitter to watch the children all day.  While you are getting ready the last thing you need to worry about is diapers, formula, or toddlers who want to run around.

February 2 

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress if that’s not important to you.  Choose a simple white or pastel cocktail dress.  There are lots of prom dresses that are white.  You could also dress down and wear something completely casual.   Let the tone of your wedding reflect your wedding attire.

February 3

Make yourself a Wedding Day Emergency Kit.  Check www.BrideStLouis.com’s “Knowledge Base” for a suggested list of things to include.

February 4

Over 20,000 couples tie the knot in the St. Louis/St. Charles area every year.  There are only 52 Saturdays in any one year.  The best sites and bargain sites book early.  Do the math and you will see there is plenty of competition for your site and your date!

February 5

Service is everything!  Does the vendor answer the phone in person or must you always leave a message.  How fast does the vendor get back to you?

February 6 

Make your own invitations and table favors.  You can even make your own cake topper.  A wedding is so much more meaningful when it has your inspirations.

February 7

Attend a bridal show prepared.  Bring several sheets of address labels to quickly complete vendor inquiry forms.  Spend quality time with vendors that you need.

February 8

Do you have songs that you really like and love to dance to?  Be sure to give the DJ a list of these songs, and get out on the dance floor!

February 9

Get organized.  Get a 3 ring binder to keep all contracts and communication.  Be sure to add your budget worksheet and track how spending vs. budget is progressing.

February 10

Order of hiring vendors:  Book venue & ceremony site first, then photographer and videographer.  Order invitations and purchase bridal gown.  Find your DJ or band, then order cake and flowers.

February 11

All you need to get married is you, the person you are marrying, a marriage license and an officiant.  Everything else is extra.

February 12

Did you known that sites like the Knot and Wedding Channel track your every click so you can be targeted by online advertisers.  BrideStLouis.com protects your privacy and does NOT share information and BrideStLouis is all about local vendors in the St. Louis and St. Charles area.

February 13 

Always put your relationship first before wedding planning.  Most guys are not into the details.

February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Be sure to tell your partner how excited you are to be planning a life together.

February 15

A man is only as good as what he loves.

February 16

Check the beading on a wedding dress.  A better quality dress will have beads sewn on as opposed to glued on.

February 17

You do NOT have to wear white.  Not all skin types look good in white.  Ivory, Champagne, and Blush are great subtle options.

February 18

Get a 2 tier cake for display/cutting and then serve guests from a sheet cake that’s hidden in the kitchen.

February 19

For a keepsake garter, use a piece of lace from your mom’s gown.

February 20

Charm for Boutonniere






If your mother or father has passed away attach a photo of him/her to your bouquet. They will still be a part of your day.

February 21

Remember why you are getting married – to spend the rest of your life with the one you love.

February 22

It’s okay NOT to have an even number of groomsmen and bridesmaids.  You do not have to have a Maid of Honor or a Best Man.  You can have two Best Men.  A guy can be the “Man” on Honor.  It’s a different world these days.

February 23

Embroider your wedding date into the inside of your wedding dress using blue thread – the perfect “something blue.”

February 24

The average cost of a wedding dress is $1211.00.  Ask your retail bridal shops about special discounts, store samples that are for sale, and inventory sales.

February 25

Ask your venue if they charge for “Cutting the Cake.”  Some places charge up to $2.00 a cut!  If you have 300 guests that a $600.00 expense.

February 26

Get extra envelopes when ordering your invitations.

February 27

My number one rule for brides is to wear COMFORTABLE shoes on your wedding day.  There is nothing worse to spoil the fun that sore feet.  If you bought new shoes, be sure to break them in ahead of time.  Pack flats for the reception.

February 28

 Create a fun seating chart using old photos.  Find meaningful photos of each of your wedding guests and on the back of each photo add their names and table number.  What a fun conversation piece.

March 1

Re-create your favorite photo from your parents’ wedding.

March 2

Hand Bag






Give each of your bridesmaids a clutch with a sewn-in message inside. After the wedding, they’ll think of you every time they use it.

March 3

Make your wedding shoes extra special by hand painting a design.

March 4

Have a loved one who can’t make it to your wedding? Show that you’re still thinking of her on your big day by texting a photo with a personalized sign. She’ll be so touched that you took the time to give her a special shout-out!

March 5

Don’t go overboard with “Pinterest” type photos.  Your want your photographer to capture YOUR real moments.

March 6

If your wedding is in summer watch out for flowers that are vulnerable to extreme heat.

March 7

Many sites run by the various cities have lovely facilities at a fraction of the price of dedicated wedding venues.  Places like Quail Ridge and Mid Rivers Art Center book fast.  Check the “Knowledge Center” at www.BrideStLouis.com for detailed information on city run locations.

March 8

Practice the bustle.  (No that’s not a dance!)  Make sure someone in your bridal party known how to bustle your dress.

March 9

Surprise your groom with an embroidered message on the back of his tie or on his pocket square.

March 10

If you want to wear stilettos for your outdoor wedding, slip on heel protectors

March 11

Add a photo charm to the groom’s boutonniere and/or bride’s bouquet.  It’s a great way to remember a lost family member.

March 12

Grandma as Flower Girl






There’s no age limit on flower girls.  What fun to have you Grandmas do the job.

March 13 

Ask your family and friends to help on the wedding day.  Even simple things like picking up the wedding programs from the printer can really help.  Rather than pay the florist to deliver the flowers, ask a trusted family member to pick up and deliver your flowers.

March 14

Bachelor or bachelorette parties should occur at least a week ahead of time so that you get your rest and be your best.

March 15

Write a letter to one another and at the ceremony seal it in a box with a bottle of wine and two glasses. Whenever you are having problems in your marriage and feel there is no hope, open up the box together and read your letters.

March 16

If you spill red wine on your dress, dump table salt on the stain right away. The salt will draw out much of the wine and you have the remaining stain treated later.

March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  Are you familiar with the Irish Blessing given at some ceremonies?

March 18

Veil Weights






Attach veil weights to your veil to keep it from blowing around.

March 19

On your wedding day take time to share some personal time with each other.

March 20

Be a good bride.  Greet vendors and guests with a smile.  And don’t forget to thank your vendors who worked so hard trying to make sure everything is perfect for your day.

March 21

Write a hidden message on the bottom on your wedding shoes.

 March 22.

Be sure to eat a quality breakfast, and snack throughout the day.  Your day will be super busy, so be sure the fuel tank is not on empty.  The same goes for water.  Drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

March 23

Surprise your guests with a late snack of toasted ravioli and marinara sauce about 10pm.

March 24

Consider new suits for the groomsmen rather than a tux.

March 25

Many restaurants have small banquet rooms that are perfect for a wedding reception.  The cost can be significantly lower than the fancy hotel ballrooms and the food higher quality.

March 26

Are you planning a wedding at home.  Be sure to take into consideration rental items that you will need – tables, chairs, silverware, serving pieces, bar setups and possibly a tent.

March 27

If you interview large photographic companies be sure to ask who will be photographing the wedding.  Don’t settle for vague answers and be sure to meet that person and see his work.  You will want to feel comfortable and not have a personality clash.

March 28

Just like trying on a wedding dress, you need to schedule a trial hair and makeup session.  Be sure to let your stylist know the type of veil and style of dress that you will be wearing

March 29

Canon in D by Pachebel is the most common prelude and processional music in weddings today.  It’s a top choice because of the combination of piano and violin gives a relaxing and solemn feel to the ceremony.

March 30

If you hire a wedding planner make sure that the planner you hire is somebody who listens, respects your wishes and is willing to give you undivided attention.  You will be spending a lot of time with your planner, and if you’re miserable along the way, you’ll regret your decision.

March 31

Reception Party and Dancing

Reception Party and Dancing

A good rule of thumb for planning on what size dance floor you need is to figure 30% of the total number of guests will be on the dance floor at any given time.

April 1

Ditch the RSVP card with your wedding invitations.  Have your guests RSVP online.  One of the many free wedding web sites is great for this.

April 2

Skip the jazz trio during the cocktail hour.  Most guests are too busy talking to even notice the music.

April 3

Uplighting can dramatically add to the venue décor impact, and the cost is minimal.

April 4

Rent your centerpiece vases from www.RentMyVases.com.  That will save you a ton of money!

April 5

Most couples feel it is important that guests have a great time at their reception and couples also believe that a packed dance floor is one indication that their guests are having fun.  While it is the DJ’s job to keep the floor full, there are a few things that you can do to facilitate his job.   Remember that no one likes to the first one on the dance floor, and no one likes to dance unless others are dancing.  Ask your bridesmaids to help keep the floor full by taking a partner on the dance floor.  It is amazing how just this one thing can keep the action flowing.

April 6 

Place a book on each table with a prompt that guests can write their contribution.  Say, “What should we do on date nights?” or “How is the best way to say I’m sorry?”

April 7

Where there is love there is life.  (Mahatma Gandhi)

April 8

No one is to too old for fairytales!

April 9

Looking for something “blue” to add for your wedding?  Using one of your Dad’s old shirts, cut out a heart and sew it onto your dress.

April 10

After your fiancé proposes, write him a letter telling him how excited you are to be marrying him.  Put your letter into a box and have it delivered right before the ceremony.

April 11

When planning any large event, things have a way of creeping up.  If you are prepared, it makes dealing with these issues much easier.  A general rule of thumb is $1000 for miscellaneous expense.

April 12

Alterations – every wedding dress needs them, so add $250 or more if your have lots of lace or beading.

April 13

Send each guest home with a potted plant or tree sapling to plant.  Add a sentiment such as “Love blooms where you plant it.”   Another option is to give each guest a packet of seeds with a message “Watch our Love Grow.”

Photo Credit:  Continuum Wedding Photography


April 14

Doing a beach type honeymoon?  Take a photo of your hands and rings.

Photo Credit: Yvonne Dunbar


April 15

When you are getting your hair and makeup done, wear a button down the front shirt.  Don’t wear a T-shirt that will have to be pulled over your head.

April 16

Keep love in your heart.  A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.  (Oscar Wilde)

April 17

Use a chalkboard and snap a fun secret message for your groom right before you walk down the aisle.

April 18

If you feel tears coming, look up!

April 19

Engrave the title of your first dance song inside your ring.

Photo Credit:  Blink of an Eye Photography


April 20

For your table numbers, use photos of the bride and groom growing up.  If you have enough photos from your childhood, try to get a picture from each age and use it with the corresponding table number.

April 21

This is so sentimental.  Make a handkerchief from one of your Dad’s old hankies and embellish it with lace from your Mom’s wedding dress.

April 22

Are you having your pet in your wedding?  Include your dog in your wedding photos with a fun sign that says, “My humans are getting married.”


April 23

Right before you leave the ceremony with your husband, remind your dad that he’s still part of your life with a good-bye kiss.

April 24

Gather your mom and grandma and take a photo of your hands with wedding rings.


 April 25.

Take a photo of your bridesmaids showing how they each met the bride.  Write it on a chalkboard.  Photo Credit:  Katy Hall Photography


April 26

Pay tribute to the longest married couple at your wedding.  Honor them with a special dance – play their first dance song with a dedication to them.

April 27

Gather photos of your guests who can’t be with you on your wedding day and display them into mason jars for a unique twist on a photo table. Photo Credit: Joshua McCoy Photography.


April 28

Guys can add messages to the bottom of their shoes as well!


April 29

Personalize your love story on a chalk board and display for guests.


April 30

Love is Life (Leo Tolstoy)

May 1

Freeze the top tier of your cake uncovered for about 20 minutes before wrapping it in foil.

May 2

Take a sweet photo just for your mom and dad, and surprise them with a framed version after the wedding.

Forever Your Little Girl Sign with Bride

May 3

If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you do not go after what you want, you will never have it. If you don’t step forward, you are always in the same spot.

May 4

Gather stones, clean them up, and place them at your guest-book table. In lieu of a book, guests will each write his or her name on a stone with permanent marker. Have guests put the signed stones in a galvanized tub or bucket for you to transport home. Place the stones throughout your garden for a lovely memory of the day.

May 5

Take some time off from wedding planning today and enjoy Cinco de Mayo with your special someone.

Cinco De Mayo

May 6

Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other


May 7

Here are some FREE tips to look and feel your best on your wedding day.  Did you know – Holding a banana peel over a bruise (for 10 to 30 minutes) will remove its color.  And, according to a study, smelling rubbing alcohol can relieve nausea almost instantly.







May 8

Write a letter to one another and read them just before you walk down the aisle

Letter-1 (2)


May 9


Pay tribute to the longest married couple at your wedding.  Honor them with a special dance – play their first dance song with a dedication to them.

May 10

Honor your guests who traveled from far away to be with you on your wedding day with this fun sign.

Travel Sign with Miles


May 11

Keep your alcohol consumption in moderation.  Don’t you want to remember this day for the rest of your life.

May 12


Hugging is healthy. It helps the immune system, cures depression, reduces stress and induces sleep. It’s invigorating, rejuvenating and has no unpleasant side effects. Hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug. Hugging is all natural. It is organic, naturally sweet, no artificial ingredients, non-polluting, environmentally friendly and 100 percent wholesome.

Hugging is the ideal gift. Great for any occasion, fun to give and receive, shows you care, comes with its own wrapping and, of course, fully returnable. Hugging is practically perfect. No batteries to wear out, inflation-proof, non-fattening, no monthly payments, theft-proof and non taxable.


Hugging is an underutilized resource with magical powers. When we open our hearts and arms we encourage others to do the same.

(By Charles Faraone from Condensed Chicken Soup for the Soul)

May 13

Be sure the gown you choose fits the level of formality of your wedding.  For example, you won’t wear a classic formal gown with a ten foot train to an outdoor wedding.  Staying within your level of formality will create a unity within your wedding theme and keep you from over spending.

Bridal Gown


May 14

The program for your wedding day lets your guest know what to look forward to during your ceremony and who its participants are.  One of my favorite places to get affordable themed programs is Paper Patch on Manchester just west of Highway 270.

Wedding Program

May 15

I love strings of white Christmas lights adorning trees or the ceiling in a dimply lit room.  Such a low cost for a great look.

May 16

Here’s another tip with regard to decoration for your wedding – If you don’t own it, see if you can borrow it.  If you can’t borrow it, see if you can make it.  It you can’t make it, rent it!

May 17

When you are researching caterers always check out their linens, china, and food in person. Do a taste test!

Wedding Plated Dinner

May 18

I am amazed at what some brides spend for shoes and then discard them for flats during the reception!  And most times, most guests never see them!  My always rule Number One – Wear Comfortable Shoes!  Maybe consider ballerina slippers.  They are light and comfortable and look charming and romantic.

May 19

Choose a menu that is right for the season of your wedding.  Heavier foods should not be served in the summer.

 May 20

 Don’t shop for your trousseau until after your bridal shower.  You may get all the lingerie and robes you’ll ever need.

May 21

The mother’s dress should blend into the color scheme; it should not clash or stand out .  It should be somewhat conservative and not longer or more formal than your dress.

Wedding Family Formal Photo


May 22

Keep your focus on what matters most! Friends and family will lend advice, opinions, and even objections to your decisions and that makes it easy to second guess your decisions. You and your fiance are a team and should go where your hearts take you. This is a celebration of your love, so every choice should be yours.

May 23

Want something different for a getaway vehicle?  Rent or borrow a convertible – tie on balloons and streamers – and for a fun time schedule a street cruise.  Convertibles work especially well for brides with the ballroom type gowns.

May 24

It is not necessary to have an aisle runner. Even White House weddings do without an aisle runner because the wedding gown photographs better against a darker color. If the aisle runner is very white, it can make an off-white wedding gown look dirty.

May 25

Give thanks to everyone who serves to keep us free.

May 26

If your are hosting your own reception here are some items you will need:  flatware (plastic or silverware), glassware (water, highballs, etc,), Tables, Chairs for Reception and Ceremony, Serving Platters, Warming Trays or Chafing Dishes, Serving Utensils, Tent or Canopy (for outdoor event in case of rain), Coffee Maker with Cups plus Cream and Sugar, Cooler or Ice Buckets for Drinks, Linens, Tablecloths, and Napkins.

May 27

Take your flowers from your bridal bouquet and keep them forever in this jewelry.

May 28

When reviewing the work of potential photographers ask yourself: Do the photos tell a story?  Is there a sense of uniqueness about the images and do they have good color, lighting, and clarity?  Did the photographer capture the emotions and feelings?  Are the pictures interesting and varied – a mix of candids, portraits, and some black & whites?  Do the pictures show poor use of flash – a background ithat is washed out and the subjects having the deer in the headlights look?

May 29

Hors D’oeuvres, Buffet Stations, and Tapas at your wedding reception with wine and coffee can be much less expensive than a traditional open bar and full meal.

May 30 

Here’s an option to the traditional guest book.  Draw, print or custom order a poster (16X20) with your new last name across it in open block letters.  Have guests sign their names inside the block letters.  Display it in your home after the wedding.

May 31

Be a good bride.  Greet vendors and guests with a smile.  And don’t forget to thank your vendors who worked so hard trying to make sure everything is perfect for your day.

June 1

Place a book on each table with a prompt that guests can write their contribution.  Say, “What should we do on date nights?” or “How is the best way to say I’m sorry?”

June 2

Looking for a reception theme.  Do you love to travel, to watch movies, or to read?  Name your tables after destinations, movies, or great books.

Photo Credit:  Shoreshotz Photography

June 3

Gather photos of your guests who can’t be with you on your wedding day and display them into mason jars for a unique twist on a photo table.  Photo Credit:  Joshua McCoy photography

June 4

Still looking for something blue?  Why not a light blue low rise thong.  It’s functional and fun.

June 5

Write a series of letters before your wedding to be opened at particular times later in your marriage (first fight, first anniversary, etc.).  It is a wonderful way to share with him how you care for him.

June 6

Have guests sign a guest book of another kind: your favorite read. A favorite book of poetry, a classic novel, a book of quotes, or a collection of proverbs can become a keepsake signed by guests from your wedding. Place the book on a table with pens, and ask guests to flip through and sign their names anywhere they wish.

June 7

Give your groom an embroidered message on the back of his tie or pocket square.  Photo Credit: Emilia Jane Photography

June 8

Engrave the title of your first dance song inside your ring.

Photo Credit:  Blink of an Eye Photography

June 9

Crazy socks for your groom are fun!

June 10

Have a “first look” with your dad!

June 11

Give your parents personalized handkerchiefs.

June 12

Here are guidelines to set up a bar for 50 guests:  2 Cases of Beer, 1.5 Liters of Whiskey, l Liter of Bourbon, 2 Liters of Gin, 1.5 Liters of Scotch, l Liter of Light Rum, 2 Liters of Vodka, with Champagne, Tequila, Red Wine & White Wine based on the preferences of your guests.   Also include dry and sweet vermouth plus orange juice, Bloody Mary mix, sour mix, tonic, soda water and garnishes like limes, lemons and cherries.  Don’t forget bottle openers, corkscrews, ice buckets, stirrers, glasses, and lots and lots of ice.

June 13

Give you groom a list of everything he has to do that day. 

June 14

Here’s an option to the traditional guest book.  Draw, print or custom order a poster (16X20) with your new last name across it in open block letters.  Have guests sign their names inside the block letters.  Display it in your home after the wedding.

June 15

Have the post office “hand cancel” your invitations. Don’t risk damage of their machines. The Post Office will use a special ink stamp to mark your invitation and they will be sorted by hand.

June 16

When searching for something different for your wedding consider scenic sites such as a field in summer,  a flower garden in full bloom, a working farm complete with animals and a barn, or a ferry on the water.

June 17

Here’s an option to the traditional guest book.  Draw, print or custom order a poster (16X20) with your new last name across it in open block letters.  Have guests sign their names inside the block letters.  Display it in your home after the wedding.


June 18

Boutonnieres can be made from fresh herbs.  This example is from Once Wed.  Create your own and incorporate fresh berries and/or lavender.

June 19

Having a summer wedding?   Your standard makeup won’t cut it.  You need waterproof makeup for your wedding day, plus choose a stain over a lipstick or gloss so that you don’t have to worry about reapplying throughout the day.


June 20

Rain on your wedding day has so many positive meanings it’s hard to be upset when you see a cloudy sky. For instance, rain is cleansing and is symbolic of a fresh start and clearing of the past to begin anew with the love of your life. It is also a symbol of fertility, an exciting thought for those hoping to extend their love to a couple little ones post-nuptials. And finally, it is a sign of good luck.


June 21

Weather is always important to consider when choosing your date and season for your wedding, but take time to reflect on other aspects that are important to you too. Maybe you want to get married on the date when you first starting dating, or perhaps you want to honor a family member by tying the knot on their anniversary. Further, the summer may be your favorite because of the trips you take with your family, the fall may be important because you love college football, or the winter may hold meaning because you love to ski together. Whatever your reason, choose a season that speaks volumes about your relationship.


June 22

Good time management will make your day flow smoothly.  It will take you longer to get somewhere than you anticipate, so allow some extra time.


June 23

Love fearlessly and live passionately

June 24

Up lighting has become a staple for every wedding reception. Venues are even offering this style of lighting as part of their packaging. The most popular hue remains amber to give that illusion of candlelight, but the more modern couples will opt for the blues and purple tons.

Photo:Tuminia 510

June 25

Want to get married but have a money crunch?  Small weddings are becoming increasingly popular not just because of the money crunch, but also because they can be perfect for couples who want to spend time with family and friends and relax in the simplicity of the celebrations.

June 26

The days of the naked cakes are gone. Couples are back to designing intricate cakes fashioned after their wedding invitation or wedding gown, and sugar flowers are making the boldest of statements.

June 27

Did you know that you can customize M&M’s to fit your occasion?!  How exciting is that?  Everyone loves M&M’s, so why wouldn’t you want to include those delectable, colorful, sweet morsels of chocolate goodness at your bridal shower or even your wedding?  Go to http://www.mymms.com to order.

June 28

To feel at ease with your wedding photography, forget that there is a camera following you.  Just try to interact with one another and with your guests in the most natural way.  Don’t look at the camera and smile.  Most photographers like to capture events naturally as they occur.

June 29

Late night snacks at the wedding reception are very popular.  Guests now are leaving outside of the venue and visiting food trucks with a variety of sliders, mini hot dogs, pizzas and tacos. Your guest will love this!

June 30

Don’t buy your wedding dress on your first visit to a bridal shop.  Look around to make sure that is the dress of your dreams.

July 1

Here’s a FREE way to look younger, attractive and your very best on your wedding day.  Start drinking a lot of water, 8 to 10 glasses per day, 3 to 4 months before your wedding.

July 2

When you meet with your florist, take along examples of bouquets that you like.     However, make sure you let your florist know any specific flowers that are special to you.  Be sure to discuss the extent of your budget so you can make sure that you include your “must have” flowers.

July 3

It’s okay and perfectly acceptable to ask your guests to turn off their cell phones and put down their cameras during the ceremony.

July 4

Forget about wedding planning and have a great day with your special someone. Happy Birthday USA!

July 5

The way to get things done is to begin. To plan even small weddings check out BrideStLouis.com . With over 1700 vendors listed, it will make wedding planning easy.

July 6

When choosing a honeymoon location take time to consider exactly how you imagine your early days of newlywed bliss should be.  Do you prefer outdoor adventures or romantic sites and quaint little shops?  Does your dream include expansive beaches and plenty of sunbathing?  And before you commit to a location be sure to check the destination’s weather patterns.

July 7

Remember WHY you are getting married.  To celebrate the day with the one you love, family and friends.

July 8

Wow your guests with a feast for their eyes!  We eat with our eyes  first, so presentation means a lot.  Signature drinks, appetizers, and special sweets or snack all make a grand statement.

July 9

Looking for a baker for your wedding cake? We have 45 great bakers listed on our web site at www.BrideStLouis,com/listings. Plus, we have 1700 other wedding vendors as well.

Mark your calendar for September 24, 2015 for the 2nd Annual Cake & Champagne Tasting Event to be held at the Holiday Inn Airport West in Earth City from 6pm to 8:30pm. VOTE for your favorite tasting cake, drinking champagne, enjoy appetizers, and win some fabulous prizes! Check our web site www.BrideStLouis.com for more information.

July 10

Are you looking for a specific color of sand for your sand ceremony? Colors like Apple, Apple Green, Azalea, Biscotti, Blue Velvet, Bluebird, Celadon, Capri, Champagne, Clover, Coral Reef, Coral, Emerald, Guava, Iris, Honeydew, Jade, Kiwi, Lapis, Kiwi, Key Lime, Mango, Mermaid, Persimmon, Pewter, Punch, Sangria, Serene, Silver, Sunbeam, Tangerine, Tealness and about 90 in total can be order from www.sandsationalsparkle.com.

July 11

Andrea Brooks is known for blogging about beauty, fashion, and more, all of which come with their respective DIY and tutorial videos. With a YouTube following of over 3.2 million and an instagram following of over 569,000, it’s safe to say she’s one to watch! If you’re on a budget, let your bridesmaids know about her as her videos will be a great help when it comes to beauty routines and skin care, as well as hair. https://www.youtube.com/user/AndreasCho

July 12

If you are planning a wedding on a budget , think about an off-peak or off-season wedding. You save a bundle of money by choosing a date that falls in that category . The off-peak season usually starts here in November and goes thru March, and sometime April. Be sure to ask, it won’t hurt!

 July 13

If you are planning a second wedding, most brides want something completely different and the trend is toward smaller, more intimate receptions. And if you or your fiance have children from the previous marriage, decide what part you would like them to play in the wedding.

July 14

Last week we were all Americana for the 4th of July and today is Bastille Day. Do you want to add an old French tradition? At the wedding reception guests bring small cakes and pile them as high as they can in the center of the table. If the happy couple manages to share a kiss over the pile without knocking the cakes over then they live a lifetime of prosperity.

July 15

On your wedding day drink! That is water. Gulp down twice as much as you think you need — especially if you’re drinking alcohol as well. If you feel plain water is boring, consider setting up pitchers with fruit-infused water.

July 16

If you’re having a summer wedding outdoors you may want to steer clear of heavy silk ballgowns and crystal embellished gowns that weigh 20 pounds. Consider a lightweight fabric, like chiffon, or raising your hemline — cocktail, tea-length, or hi-low styles will help keep you cool.

July 17

You will find out very quickly who’s going to be there for you in the days leading up to wedding and afterwards, and who’s not.  Focus your energy on the ones you love and cherish, and the ones who step up and show up for you.  These are the people who will be there to support you and your marriage for many years to come.

July 18

If you hosting a summer wedding, remember that your guests will need a break. You may love the heat, but I guarantee at least one of your guests is dreading spending the day sweating bullets under the hot summer sun. Make your guests’ comfort a top priority. A few options to consider: Host your ceremony outdoors but your reception inside; create some shady spots at your ceremony with oversized umbrellas; splurge on air conditioning for your reception tent; or wait until after sundown to start your festivities.


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