How to Plan a Wedding on a Tight Budget


Planning Wedding on Budget


Your wedding budget should not be something you are paying off for the next 5 years!  There is a lot of pressure from family and friends to spend lots of money and I am here to tell you that you don’t have to!  Make your budget something you are comfortable with and not what your family and friends tell you.  Choose what’s important to you – and cut back on the less important items.

Here are 20 tips to save money.  If you like these, email us and we will send you the complete list of “100 Ways to save on your Wedding Budget.”

Here you go:

  1. Keep your guest list small. This is one of the best ways to save on your wedding costs.  If you are having 50 guests or less, there are places like Tuscany Gallery ( that can host your wedding ceremony & reception for a very modest price, and it’s beautiful.
  2. Consider a different time of day for your wedding, such as morning or afternoon.
  3. Consider a buffet or family-style meal rather than a plated meal. You can also opt for a cocktail hour with appetizers rather than a formal dinner.
  4. Stick with flowers that are in season. Or buy flowers from wholesale places like Sams and make a casual arrangement yourself.
  5. Consider getting married during off-peak wedding season. June and October tend to be the most popular month for weddings here in our area.
  6. Print your own invitations at home. Purchase handmade items directly from the designer on places like Etsy–and cut out the middle man.
  7. Consider a wedding location that isn’t a traditional “wedding” location, such as apark, municipal building or school.
  8. Have less formal food options. Everyone loves comfort food and snacks! A new trend is to bring in a food truck. Also consider food stations, such as a hot dog station, taco bar, or salad station where guests can create and choose what appeals to them.
  9. Consider a wedding dress that is not from a traditional bridal store. Browse a major retailer or online store for white dresses at a good price. Watch next year for the 2nd “Run for the Dress” event, where thousands of dresses are sold here in St. Louis for 50% to 70% off the retail price.
  10. Think about saving money for your maids. Bridesmaid dresses can also be found at a discount store or outlet or have your bridal party wear something they already own all in the same color.
  11. Shop sample sales or go dress shopping while there are sales. This could mean shopping way ahead of time to get a good price.
  12. Consider doing your own hair or makeup. Or go to a makeup store and have a professional teach you how to apply a good look.
  13. Instead of buying something, consider renting it, with things such as a tuxedo. Or, consider a more relaxed look like casual dressy attire.
  14. Purchase silk flowers over real flowers.
  15. Consider not having favors to cut down on costs or limit them to one per couple instead of one per person.
  16. Helium Balloons make for wonderful décor to add color to any basic banquet room.
  17. Use coupons to find deals on craft items, wedding supplies and accessories. Michaels many times has 40% off coupons.  You might have to make multiple purchases over several trips to get everything, but it’s a great way to save a lot.
  18. Ask friends to help out with anything they can contribute. Maybe one of them could even officiate the wedding.
  19. Consider cupcakes or small desserts instead of cake.
  20. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to the wedding budget. The last thing you want is for him to go and splurge on something he wanted while you promised to make cutbacks on things you wanted. Marriage is all about compromise,