Reason #2 to come to the Cake & Champagne BRIDAL SHOW & TASTING EVENT: Complimentary Hot Appetizers for Wedding Planning


Come after work and enjoy some hot appetizers with your champagne!

Holiday Inn staff will serve six different types of passed appetizers.  And while you are here, check out the fabulous accommodations that Holiday Inn at Airport West can provide for your wedding, rehearsal dinner or other event.

Holiday Inn has over 15000 sq. feet of space available for up to 375 guests.

Save $3.00 NOW by preregistering at  At the door tickets available the day of our event for $8.00.


Now you see why this is an event not to miss!


Thursday Evening – November 15th

Time:  6pm to 8:30pm

Place:  Holiday Inn Airport West

3400 Rider Trail South, Earth City, MO 63045

(Located just off Highway 70 at the Earth City Expressway)

For more information go to:



8 Great Reasons to Come to the Cake & Champagne BRIDAL SHOW and Tasting Event

Over the next few days we will be sharing with you 8 Great Reasons to come to the Cake and Champagne Tasting Event and Bridal Show which is being held on Thursday Evening, November 15th, 2018 at The Holiday Inn Airport West, 3400 Rider Trail South, Earth City, Missouri 63045.  Make a Note and Remember these facts….it could win you a prize that night!


Reason #1:  Champagne! 

Cake and Champagne Bridal Show Nov 15th 2018


Champagne isn’t just for the rich these days, but it sure gives you that glitz and glamorous feel.  A lot goes into a fine glass of bubbly. In fact, it takes years to craft a fine bottle of champagne. The three grape varieties used for champagne can only be grown in a certain region in France—and if they’re not grown there the beverage legally can’t be called champagne. In the 17th century, champagne started to be associated with royalty, and today it’s used by celebrities, rappers, and for every kind of celebration imaginable. But you already knew that. Here are a few fun facts you may not have known about champagne:


  1. Champagne is just sparkling wine

Yeast and sugar is added to wine for a second fermentation, which then creates the bubbles that makes champagne. This is why readers of our site will see champagne included in many wine of the month clubs, such as Vinesse’s Sparkling Wine Club.

  1. The most expensive bottle of champagne costs $2.07 million dollars

This bottle literally has a diamond ingrained in the design on the outside.

  1. The chalky remains of ancient sea-creatures are the “soil” for champagne’s grapes

The champagne region of France was actually once the floor of an ancient pre-historic sea. Now it’s the perfect foundation to grow grapes.

  1. “Sabrage” is a term for opening a champagne bottle with an actual sword

It’s only done in certain ceremonial occasions and the wielder uses the blunt side of the sword. It was made famous by Napoleon and his army when they celebrated victories in battle.

  1. It can help prevent memory loss

According to new research, one to three glasses of champagne each week could counteract memory loss associated with aging – so cheers!

  1. Marilyn Monroe took a bath in champagne

It took 350 bottles to fill up the tub.

  1. The pressure in the bottle led it to be called the “Devil’s Wine”

Early champagne manufacturers came down to their cellars to find some corks had blown out of their bottles prematurely. They attributed this to spiritual beings. This caused many champagne-makers to wear iron helmets to prevent injury.

  1. The pressure in a champagne bottle is 90 pounds per square inch

This is three times the amount of pressure than the tires on a car.

  1. The longest recorded flight of a champagne cork was 177 feet

This translates to roughly 54 meters, more than half of a football field!

  1. Dropping a raisin into champagne causes it to travel from the top of the glass to the bottom continuously

You can use this trick at parties to impress your friends!

  1. Christening ships with champagne started in Babylonia

They would pour liquid over the hull to check for holes, and this gradually turned into a ceremony using many different kinds of liquids and beverages. Champagne became the favorite in the late 1900’s. Some go to great lengths to make sure the bottle does in fact break every time.

  1. There’s currently 1 billion bottles of champagne in storage worldwide
  2. Champagne corks fly out at speeds near 25 mph

It can get this high when it’s “vigorously shaken”

  1. Queen Victoria and Edward VII especially loved champagne

They drank Joseph Perrier, which can be found in the International Wine of the Month Club” that we reviewed on our site.

  1. Workers called “Riddlers” twist champagne bottles 1/8 of a turn every day to push the “lees” into the neck of the bottle

It’s a bizarre process that makes the champagne journey that much more complex for manufacturers.



Make a Note and Remember these facts….it could win you a prize at the Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & BRIDAL SHOW.


Find Your Perfect Venue at

Are you looking for a VENUE with CHARACTER to host your wedding or reception?   BrideStLouis’ new sister site,, offers you an unparalleled opportunity to find exactly what you want!  Here are some unique venues that we selected to give you a taste of just how great this site is.  Currently, there are over 200+ venues listed, but by December all 400+ St. Louis, St. Charles, So. Illinois and Surrounding Missouri areas will be listed.

Piazza Messina

Piazza Messina is the perfect marriage or rustic and modern Tuscan décor in a beautiful natural setting. It includes 8000+ Sq. Ft. of private event space situated on 14 1/2 acres of agricultural land.  Featuring a bistro, ballroom and both an indoor and outdoor bar.  This venue overlooks a beautiful four acre lake. One of the most unique features of Piazza Messina is the seamless transition from an indoor to outdoor setting including a wraparound covered portico with a view of the lake.

The Barnett

The Barnett on Washington is a unique and sophisticated St. Louis event venue that recently opened its doors after undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation. The building, located at 3207 Washington Boulevard, has a long and storied history, but was only recently renovated and restored to its original luster and elegance. Famed architect, Tom Barnett, constructed the building in 1920.  It features a Spanish Mission style of construction and maintains its historic look and appeal while boasting the highest quality modern amenities.


Rocking J Ranch

ESCAPE FROM THE CITY!  Just minutes from St. Louis. With 60+ Acres, nestled among 1000s acres of Ozark ridges, valleys, & great views all around, you will experience wide open spaces. The Rocking J Ranch is rustic, laid back & loaded with vintage & primitive pieces & unsurpassed Southern style hospitality. You and your guests won’t want to leave here.  Their scenic setting includes a waterfall, wood arbors, vintage doors, barrels, pastures, horses grazing, barn wood, lights and all your favorite rustic decor, both inside and out.  Wedding packages range from an all inclusive retreat to a Do-It-Yourself wedding on a budget and everything in-between!

The Larimore

The Larimore is a private, historic estate established in 1858. This Venue boasts 6 acres of enchanting grounds, the charming Victorian mansion and an elegant banquet center. This hidden gem is perfect for those searching for a spectacular event that is “Unique” and offers plenty of “WOW” factor!   The Larimore provides for gazebo weddings in the garden or quaint chapel weddings, and indoor receptions.

The Weingarten

The Weingarten’s wedding ceremony and wedding reception venues are unlike any other.  Surrounded by beautiful forests, cornfields and a lake, our natural landscape offers a picturesque setting for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.  Our winery feels miles away from it all but is actually less than 10 minutes from the nearest hotel.

Sunset Bluffs

With its picturesque surroundings and unparalleled service, guests will have an experience like no other at Sunset Bluffs. The Sunset Bluffs House faces an eight-acre quarry lake, surrounded by 110-foot natural bluffs that add an extra element of uniqueness to your event!


For MORE information about these great venues, be sure to visit our newest site,  Contact information and more detail is available for each one of these venues, plus many more, all in one easy searchable site.  Please register to stay up-to-date on the latest special offerings and deals.  And visit and LIKE our Facebook page, www.Facebook.comVenuesofSTL to keep current on the latest new additions to our area.

10 Tips to Stay on Budget for Your Wedding

Saying “I DO” can be a budget buster.  Here are some tips and hints to save on your celebration:

BrideStLouis is Best for Wedding Planning in St. Louis

  1. Keep the wedding guest list under 100.
  2. Limit the wedding party – keeping it small. This cuts down on the cost of attendant bouquets and gifts to each member in the wedding party.
  3. Consider having the ceremony and reception at the same site – thereby paying only one site fee and possibly fewer total hours. This can also save on transportation costs – no need for a party bus.
  4. Find a venue that allows you to bring your own food.  This blog post lists those that we can recommend:
  5. Why not an early morning or early afternoon wedding. You can eliminate a lot of alcohol and possibly a band or DJ.
  6. If your event is small and intimate, create your own personal playlist and purchase a blue tooth speaker.
  7. Try “off season” times like December and January. Vendors will usually work with you on a special price as this is a slower time for them.
  8. If you really want a popular month like May, June, September or October go for a Friday or Sunday to save money.
  9. When shopping for your wedding dress, ask about off the rack “inventory” dresses. Many bridal shops have a good selection of discounted, previous year’s styles that are beautiful.
  10. Set up a wedding checking account and make deposits monthly. Use only that money for the wedding allowing you to see what you are spending, and a better way to stay on top of the budget.

Weddings can be beautiful without depleting your bank account and being in debt for years.


First Look or Not?

Wedding Planning

A “First Look” is the term used when a bride and groom decide to see each other before the wedding ceremony. Many couples go back and forth on this decision. While, a traditional bride might prefer to have her groom enjoy the first sight of her as she walks down the aisle, there are many benefits to having a first look. Here are 8 reasons to have a “First Look”:

Wedding days should be full of emotion and should not be stressful.  A first look can add so much beautiful emotion and happiness to your day.

If you are Jewish you must see the groom before the wedding to sign the wedding contract.

A First Look helps eliminate those “I think I’m going to go crazy” nerves that you often feel before the wedding. Seeing your honey and sharing that time can provide instant relaxation and assurance that everything will be just fine. While some jitters and nerves come back when you are about to walk down the aisle, it’s different.

Photographers enjoy doing photos before the ceremony as there is less stress and more time to be creative.

Many guys lock up when you come down that aisle. They feel “on stage” and you often won’t get an honest response out of him. He’s nervous too! When he can see you before, he can take it all in, respond to how beautiful you are, laugh with you, cry with you, and most importantly… TALK TO YOU!

When you choose to see each other before the ceremony you have time to touch-up makeup, are able to say things to one another and you are actually able to enjoy your time together before the ceremony. When there are tears, you can take time to re-compose before your walk down the aisle.

Many times the reception and the ceremony are very close together in time scheduled to eliminate a long wait time for your guests. However, that means that once the “formal photos” are done, there is usually not enough time to do the really great candid shots.

TIME with your groom alone!  The day will be very busy!  Guests will be congratulating you, wanting to ask thousands of questions, and you will have no time to share with your groom until the end of the day.  The first look gives the two of you some time together.

If you’re traditional, it’s okay to skip it. “Remember that you can always change your mind—even on the day of your wedding!  Some couples prefer that the first time they see each other to be when the bride walks down the aisle in church. It can be an exciting and emotional time, and you can share that with your guests.  Plus, the photos after the ceremony capture you wearing your rings.



Brides – Be a Great Host for Your Out of Town Guests


A good, thoughtful bride always takes into consideration making her out–of–town guests as comfortable as possible, and that includes helping with hotel reservations.   That’s especially important if you hope people will stay near your actual wedding and especially important if your guests are not familiar with our area.

The location of your wedding and time of year are both key factors that determine when you should tackle this task.  If your wedding is on the outskirts of St. Louis with limited accommodations during a holiday weekend or concurrent with a sporting event, book early.  If you are getting married in our “wine country” area or perhaps Hermann in October, that might be as much as a year in advance!

There are two types of blocks:

A Closed Block is one that requires a deposit in order to block and hold a specific number of rooms.   Sometimes you will be responsible for any unsold rooms and other times it’s a percentage of the room rate.

An Open Block frees you of being financially responsible for unsold rooms.  I like to refer to it as a courtesy block, and most accommodations have a cut-off date (30 to 90 days in advance) when those rooms are released at then available market price.

In Downtime St. Louis where there are a large number of accommodations to choose from you should keep in mind price and location, and ideally be within ten miles of your wedding venue.  I always recommend that accommodations be close to other attractions and restaurants so that guests who arrive early have something to do.   Also verify check-in time to allow your guests early enough check in to get ready for the wedding.  This is especially important if they are driving into town and have spent some time travelling.

In the St. Louis county area accommodations that I particularly like are the Residence Inn/Fairfield Inn ( both by Marriott.   They offer a shuttle service within a 5 mile radius that will pick up your guests from your reception and bring them back to their hotels.  It’s included in your bookings up to 9pm, but if you need some later pickups, say after the reception ends, you can work with them for a modest price to pick up guests at the end of the reception.  Guests love this as they can feel free to drink without any issues and not worry about getting lost late at night.  In addition, they offer a reservation link that you can provide your guests for either hotel whereby your guests can quickly and easily select the accommodations that fit their needs and budget.  Contact Tiffany Timbrook if you would like to reserve rooms are schedule a personal tour of their hotels at 314-762-1600 or email her at

Many brides also like to book a hotel room/suite for their “prep” time prior to the ceremony.  I asked Patrick Pope of Patrick Pope Photography (,  “What do you recommend for the bride and groom for get ready locations?  Should they be separate locations?” Here is what he suggested:  “Hotel rooms are a great place to get ready. What works very well is for the ladies to have a room on one floor while the guys have a room on a different floor. Being on different floors means there’s practically no chance of accidentally seeing one another, but as a photographer I can easily run up and down to get photos of both groups while they get ready. By having the same photographer photograph both it gives a consistent look to the photos. Most hotels also have good places in the lobby or an open area that are great for quick portraits or for first-look photos with the father of the bride.”

As you consider making these hotel arrangements, here are some additional questions to ask:

What is the group rate with taxes and fees?

What about parking?

What is Check Out Time?

Is there a Minimum stay required?

What  kind of amenities come standard?

It there a bar or restaurant onsite?

Room Types?  Queens, Kings, Family Rooms etc.

Some hotels offer Free Rooms or a complimentary Bridal Suite for the night of the wedding.   If you’re booking a large number of rooms at one property, you might be eligible for a free room or bridal suite.

And finally, it is always nice to provide a “WELCOME BASKET” for your guests.  That can include maps, snacks, a bottle of wine, and a schedule of pre-wedding activities with locations and details.

Finally, get the word out to your out -of-town guests.  Many brides include this on the wedding website, but if not, send them a brief message.  Here’s an example:  We’ve reserved a block of rooms at x at a rate of $XXX per night. You can reserve one of these rooms by calling 212-555-1234 or visiting   In order to secure the discounted rate, please book by (specific date).  Additional information is available on our wedding website at