Looking for something special?

If you have not had the opportunity to attend any of the recent bridal shows here in the St. Louis area, you might want to read on.  I found several really unique vendors with products that I think you should know about.  Yes, we always love to visit with the seasoned veterans in the business – the photographers, the wedding cake companies, the DJ’s, etc.  but sometimes it’s really great to find something a bit different and special.

Here are  some products that I thought were special:

Supper Time Bakery – Letha creates elegant sculpted cookies that are individually packaged.  Flavors include Raspberry Chocolate (my favorite), Mint chocolate, Orange Zest and Rosewater.   These cookies are crafted from an old time German recipe and are so…..good.   It’s not your everyday cookie!  She is re-doing her website, but give her a call at 573-764-4121.

TeddyRoo – Mother & Daughter team make these darling Teddy Bears with outfits that match the brides colors.  In addition each outfit has a “special” pouch that is a great place to add a special note, etc.  These make great gifts for just about anyone in your bridal party – even the bride herself.  Talk to Linda for your custom Teddy Bears.  She can be reach at 636-614-8821 and her web site is http://www.TeddyRoos.com.


Wine Town Designs – One of my favorite items these ladies from Hermann, Missouri create are the Bridal Bouquet Charms.  In case you didn’t know, the photo charms are added to your bouquet to honor loved ones on your wedding day.  Tina can show you lots of other specialty jewelry that can add zing to your wedding day.  Check out their web site at www.WineTownDesigns.com or call Tina at 573-680-0999.


Suspended in Time – You spend hundreds of dollars for your bridal bouquet, so why not preserve them.   This company offers a variety of products that can display your flowers for you to enjoy years after the wedding.  Dorothy Blue will share lots of creative ideas that you will love.  She can be reached at 636-288-1659. They recently moved their retail store to 1328 North Second St., St. Charles, MO 63301.  You can also heck their website as well: www.suspendedintimestl.com

Suspended in Time Photo

Suspended in Time Photo


Are you planning a Sunset Wedding?

Here’s a great link to determine when the sun will set on any particular date.

Go to: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/sunrise.html

How easy is that!

Plan your wedding and know EXACTLY when the SUN WILL SET.



Budget Tip #4 – Saving on Your Wedding Celebration

Saying “I DO” can be a budget buster.  Here are some additional tips and hints to save on your celebration:

  1. Keep the wedding guest list under 100.
  2. Limit the wedding party – keep it small.  This cuts down on the cost of attendant bouquets and gifts to each member in the wedding party.
  3. Consider having the ceremony and reception at the same site – thereby paying only one site fee and possibly fewer total hours.
  4. Have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday.  Lots of vendors charge less on these days.
  5. Why not an early morning or early afternoon wedding.  You can eliminate a lot of alcohol and possibly a band/disk jockey.
  6. Talk to a photographer with special prices for Friday/Sunday weddings, or possibly limit photography to just six hours.
  7. Set up a wedding checking account and make deposits monthly.  Use only that money for the wedding allowing you to see what you are spending, and a better way to stay on top of the budget.

Tent Wedding

Guest Love the Candy Buffet

With Valentine’s Day approaching my thoughts turn to candy.  And, offering guests a candy buffet of colorful treats is what’s HOT in the St. Louis area.  People are loving it!  A fabulous display not only looks great, but it can serve as a gift favor as well.   Having bags or other containers ready will make it easy for your guests to snack on these treats during and after the reception.

You can create a beautiful and amazing wedding buffet by choosing different types of color and decoration.  Many brides incorporate their wedding colors/theme into this display.

And just for fun – here are some interesting Candy Facts:

  • Ninety five Hershey’s Kisses equals one pound of chocolate and there are 25 Jelly Belly beans in an ounce!
  • Get personalized M&Ms from www.mymms.com
  • The history of candy goes all the way back to the earliest of men, the cave man. He created the idea of candy in a simply way that could be realized in his time. The first men used to eat honey and honey combs, and they enjoyed the sweetness, since most of their food consisted of grains and meat. The first confectioner’s candies were nuts and fruits that were rolled in honey.
  • In 1954, the first peanut M&Ms were created.  What color were they?  The first person to send the correct answer to hello@BrideStLouis.com will win a super large bag of M&Ms. 

Candy buffet table

Multicolor CandyCandy gummies

Why Wedding Photography is So Expensive

When you book a photographer for your wedding day, many couples don’t realize that the time a photographer spends is a lot more than the 6-8 hours spent shooting your wedding.  A professional photographer does more than “just shoot and burn a disk.”

The wedding day is just the start.  The workflow after a wedding to process the 800 or more images can be extremely time consuming.  After performing duplicate backups, the photographer must select the best 800 or so images from over 1000s of images to remove duplicates and blinkers (those image having persons with closed eyes).  Then each image is adjusted for color balance, exposure, composition, cropping, and other enhancements as needed.  Finally, the photos are copied to a disk and a selection of images is made to place on the internet so family and friends can enjoy the photos.

A few months after the wedding, a review is scheduled with the couple to go over the initial image selection for inclusion into their album and to select prints.  A first album draft is made.  Revisions may be requested.  Plus, album covers and layouts need to be selected. All the appointments, lab expense, phone calls, and emails will add to the time required.

The bottom line – the 6 or 8 hours is usually over 40 hours of time.

Bride Walking Down Aisle


Wedding photos are a life time investment as they capture a new beginning in your life.  It’s the birth of a new family.  It records that day in your history.

Because a wedding as a whole is remarkably expensive, considering the preparation effort alone to become your most beautiful on your wedding day (with the cost of bridal gowns, shoes, undergarments, jewelry, hair, makeup and flowers), it would be foolish to not consider good photography to capture all of the beauty plus all of the events, all of the emotions, all of the memories of that day.  I can’t over emphasize the value that should be placed on your decision to choose great photography for this day.

One bride told my associate, “I’ve learned as a past bride, that you can’t really put a price on your wedding photography.  I spent about $1000 on my photos and wish that I had thought beforehand how I would feel about my wedding photos afterwards.  For the rest of my life I will regret that decision and my desire at the time to save a few bucks.”


Shoes and more Shoes!

You’ll spend hours looking at wedding gowns, trying them on and finally selecting the perfect one for you. So be selective about choosing the shoe that fits! And that’s the key word – fits. Wearing shoes that hurt is not something you want on your wedding day. Comfort is everything. Go with your heart’s desire! Today, anything goes. And that’s true for both brides and guys. Here are some images from “just seen” footwear from brides here in the St. Louis metro area.

Today is all 1s and 3s….1/31/13! Have a wonderful day.

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