Shoes and more Shoes!

You’ll spend hours looking at wedding gowns, trying them on and finally selecting the perfect one for you. So be selective about choosing the shoe that fits! And that’s the key word – fits. Wearing shoes that hurt is not something you want on your wedding day. Comfort is everything. Go with your heart’s desire! Today, anything goes. And that’s true for both brides and guys. Here are some images from “just seen” footwear from brides here in the St. Louis metro area.

Today is all 1s and 3s….1/31/13! Have a wonderful day.

Black and White Stripe ShoesPeacock Theme ShoesRed and Black ShoesSandlelsCowboy BootsRhinestone Purple Shoes


The Path to Wedded Bliss

The journey to your big day includes many memories as well as decisions to be made.  So we thought we would check just what you, our St. Louis Bride, are all about.  So get those fingers ready and send us a reply.  We will post conclusions and answers in a few weeks.

Give us your feedback to the 10 questions below:

  • When did you first say, “I Love You?”
  • How many months are between your engagement and the marriage?
  • How long were you dating before you met your fiancé’s parents?
  • How many hours per week do you spend planning your wedding? (Average)
  • What wedding colors did you choose?
  • Do you have a wedding theme?
  • What has been the most frustrating part about planning your wedding?
  • Who has the final say regarding the major decisions about your wedding?
  • What’s the most important part of your wedding?
  • Is money an issue in planning your wedding?







We are anxious to hear from you.  Don’t be shy.

Budget Tip #3 – FREE wedding catalogs with special offers

There are some wonderful on-line catalog companies for wedding planning.  Here are some of my favorites.

  • – Wedding invitations, stationery, save the dates, programs, favors and more.  They are offering a 10% discount with the promo code “WCATALOG10” until 2/7/13.
  • – Wedding Accessories & Attendants’ gifts.  They offer free shipping on orders of $55 or more.
  • – Wedding gifts for groomsmen, bridesmaids and the entire wedding party.  They are offering 15% on orders of $95 or more until 2/1/13.
  • – Who doesn’t love chocolate!  They offer a great selection of chocolate Hershey bars with custom covers.  They are giving free shipping on orders of $99.00 or more until 1/31/13.
  • – Here’s a great assortment of gift ideas.  Champagne Flutes, Personalized Afghans, Frames, Hurricane Candle Holders, Character Platters and lots and lots of goodies.
  • – Just about anything you might desire can be found here.  Get a free 116 page catalog upon request.

What qualities does a good DJ have?

Bray_Wed_Fav-211The most important thing for a DJ at a wedding is to keep the music upbeat and keep the crowd interested.  And, it’s really hard to do when you consider the diversity of the guests at weddings.  An experienced DJ will have built up a collection of music that works for all ages and he tends to follow certain patterns, such as five fast songs, three slow songs, or perhaps using two or three songs from one genre at a time.  The best practice is to have the most popular music for multiple genres.

Your DJ should be very outgoing, well spoken, and have the ability to read the crowd.  How they present themselves to you is usually a good indication of how serious the DJ takes his business.  Look at their web site and see if it presents quality information in selecting your special music, scheduling the night, etc.  In most cases, the wedding couple will select about five to eight must have songs for the special events, perhaps provide a few songs in the do not play list, and then it is really the DJ’s job to select the remaining songs.  The DJ also must be able to communicate well with the photographer, keeping him/her informed in advance of events and activities.

Most DJs tell me that a typical wedding accommodates about 60-80 songs for the dance portion of the night.  Good communication between you and the DJ is the start of a great night.  Some couples do like to have songs from a unique genre such as all country – perhaps to accompany the theme of the wedding, but in most cases, you are best to leave it up to the DJ as he understands the crowd’s reaction and what songs to play to get the best results.

Have a sense of humor? Get a groom’s cake

The groom’s cake originated in the South, and although some see it as an unnecessary expense, the groom’s cake has made a big comeback.  Originally the groom’s cake was meant to be a gift from the bride to the groom and is typically representative of the groom’s hobbies or interests.  The groom’s cake should reflect the groom’s personality and/or sense of humor.  Brides tend to get creative from golf bags, to fish, to tractors, to cowboy boots, to airplanes, to the MU Stadium and just about anything you can imagine.  Each groom’s cake is very unique.  The whole idea of the groom’s cake is to give the groom something special for the big day as well.

Traditionally the groom’s cake is a smaller cake displayed next to the bride’s cake and is later cut into pieces for guests to take home.  Boxed slices of groom’s cake can serve as wedding favors as well.

Thanks to Laura Wright, Sugar & Spice Bakery, for these wonderful examples.

   Laura-sugarnspicebakeryBaseball BSL










Laura_SugarnSpiceBakeryAirplane BLog





Laura_SugarNSpicebakeryDog BSL










Laura_SugarNSpiceBakeryMU bsl











Are you searching for the perfect wedding dress?

Wed_Gal_12-10-29 Web Size










Once you have that ring on your finger, the quest begins for the “perfect” wedding dress.  After all, you want to look amazing for your walk down the aisle.  Before you begin, let’s review a few guidelines.

Start EARLY. Get started early so you don’t cut it too close to your wedding day.  In most situations you want to allow 9 to 12 months in advance.  This allows plenty of time for your dress to arrive and alterations to be made.

Shop with Bridal Vendors that offer FULL SERVICE.  Their experience is invaluable in helping you find a gown that flatters your body type.   It’s great to have an idea of what you want before you begin, but do consider a shop’s recommendation of various styles.  They know what’s “in” and what styles would look good on your body shape. Wear the right undergarments – the ones that you will wear with your gown.

And finally, this is for you brides on a very, tight budget.  Don’t worry – there are ways to have your beautiful dress and still not break the bank.  Check these out:

  • Military Veterans & Free Dresses:Select Bridal shops in the area promote this event in November around Veteran’s Day.Free Dresses are available to brides of active duty military servicemen and women.
  • Running of the Brides:Go to Filene’s Basement “Running of the Brides” sale – usually held in late July.Filene’s is located in Chicago at 1 North State Street.They usually have over 1700 gowns priced from $249 to $699 – (originally priced as high as $9000).  Bring along a support team and be ready to fight for your dress.
  • Eva’s Midwest Room in ChicagoYes it’s out of our area – but they have hundreds of dresses which can be taken home theday of purchase.  They feature over 60 designers and thousands of dresses.  This is a greatplace for weddings with a short planning period.
  • White ChicagoLove couture but hate the price?  Here you can find sample and “once wed” dresses.They carry designers such as Olge Cassini, Reem Acra, Badgley Mischka, Vera Wang andmore.  Call first, as you will need an appointment.
  • Locally Check out Whatzenstore.  They bought out a bridal shop and have a few remaining dresses at significantly reduced prices.  Check our “Bridal Fashions” wedding resource guide for contact information.One of the best places to go for Plus Size Wedding Dresses is Syndey’s Closet as they have a large selection of Size 18 dresses to try on.   (Check in the Wedding Resource Guide for contact information.)  And finally, ask your preferred store if they have “special” discounted gowns available.  Many of the stores offer older stock at discounted prices.

Do you have a great find?  Share back with all our brides to be.  And have fun, and enjoy the experience