Selecting the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Style


Selecting a wedding dress is more than just a fitting.  It’s selecting the right type for your body shape.  What’s follows is a guide to selecting the right silhouette for your body type.  This allows you to find the best figure flattering wedding gown.  Petite, tall, thin, plus size – here is your go to for choosing your dream wedding dress.

And it’s selecting the right color as well.  If your skin color is cool, with pink undertones and you favor silver jewelry, bright white is a good choice.  If your skin tone is warm, with peachy undertones and you look best in gold accessories, you best choice is an off-white gown.



Selecting by Silhouette/Body Type


If your shape is an inverted triangle:

Measurements:  Bust is larger than your hips and your waist is well defined.

What to look for:  You want to look for ways to add definition to your waist and hips.  An excellent way to accomplish this is with a strapless, scoop, rounded, V-Neck or plunging necklines with a narrow bodice and fuller skirt.

Best Dress Shape:  A-Line, Empire, and Ball Gown.

If your shape is an hourglass:

Measurements:  Bust and hips are the same measurement and you have a defined waist.

What to look for:  Styles that enhance your natural curves.

Best Dress Shape:  A-Line, Empire, Sheath, Ball Gown, and Mermaid.  Corset bodices and strapless or off the shoulder necklines are great choices!

If your shape is a rectangle:

Measurements:  Bust and hips are the same measurement.  Waist is slightly smaller than the bust and hips.

What to look for:  Ways to add definition to your chest and waist.  A good way to do this is with a beaded neckline or bodice with a gathered or embellished waist.

Best Dress Shape:  A-Line, Empire, and Ball Gown.

What to Avoid:  Sheaths and other clingy styles.

If your shape is rounded:

Measurements:  Large bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection.

What to look for:  Ways to add definition to your upper body and chest.

Best Dress Shape:  A-Line of Empire.  A deep V-neck sweetheart or scoop neckline, high straps or a halter top style neckline.

What to Avoid:  Styles that emphasize the waist or hip area. 

If your shape is a triangle:

Measurements:  Bust is narrower than hips.  Waist is slight smaller than hips.

What to look for:  Styles that enhances bodice and defines the waist.  Beaded necklines are great options!

Best Dress Shapes:  A-Line and Ball Gown.

What to Avoid:  Avoid making your shoulders look broad.  Avoid boat necks, spaghetti straps and puffy sleeves.

If your shape is a diamond:

Measurements:  Waist is larger than bust and hips.

What to look for:  Ways to add definition to upper body and chest.  An excellent way to accomplish this is with embellishment on the bodice or neckline to add more volume to your bustline.

Best Dress Shapes:  Empire or Sheath.

What to Avoid:  Thin straps and dresses with waist detailing as this will accentuate your broader waist.

CHOOSE A STYLE that compliments your personality as well:

  • Fit & Flare – Your style is both contemporary and traditional.  You have a girly figure and love to socialize.
  • Mermaid – Glamour defines you.  You have curves and love to show them off.
  • Tea Length – Understated elegance is your thing
  • Sheath – You dig anything retro.  You tend to be taller and have great legs.
  • Ball Gown -You are a princess and want to be the star attraction.


Information provided by our guest blogger:

Emalyia Klemmer, CEO/Designer

Osio Mita LLC

5 Tips for Getting Into Your Wedding Dress & A Note About Your Getting Ready Room


I love the fun and excitement of getting ready that occurs in the girl’s getting ready room.  There are lots of special moments that unfold that beg to be captured by your photographer.  Perhaps it is your sister’s special hug or gift, or your best friend’s “something old” that she has given you – all these moments are so very special.  

Here is what I hate – bags, shoes, underwear, empty food containers, water bottles and a complete mess all around the room!  Your photographer will do their best to capture the events, but honestly, let’s have your girls pick up as they go – and a firm reminder from you, goes a long way.  The benefit is that your photos will not have the distractions of the messy environment, and those photos will emphasis the event and the emotion.  Remember you will be looking at these photos years from now!

And now for putting on the dress.



Tip #1:  Always go potty BEFORE you put on your dress.

Tip #2:  Be sure your photographer is there to capture the moment.  Don’t put on the dress before he/she arrives.

Tip #3:  Putting on your wedding dress can be an incredibly beautiful, fun and captivating moment.  Most photographers recommend that you pick one person to assist you, sometimes your mother or your maid of honor.  Having less people will make the moment more relaxed, let you enjoy it, and allow your photographer to capture more of you and your dress, rather than a sea of people.

Tip #4:  To keep your hair and makeup fresh, if you are putting the dress on over your head, raise your arms up and out to protect your hair and makeup.

Tip #5:  Put on your own jewelry.  A sea of people – adjusting your dress, adding your bracelet, one adding a necklace – just way to much going on at one time.  I see people looking like they are dressing a Barbie Doll, and the bride just trying to accommodate everyone!  It’s crazy.   Put on most of your own jewelry, but if you have one piece that’s important to you (or hard to get on) have ONE person help you with this.  Shoes do require help – who can see their feet in those big fluffy or tight dresses.

And one last, little thing.  Why do all girls hold onto their boobs?  Really?  Once the dress is on, let go!    Do you want all your photos to show you holding up your boobs? 

Finally, enjoy this part of the day.  It’s really special and it’s the moment that you have been waiting for, for a long time.  Take a deep breath, perhaps even have a few minutes to yourself, and then step out and have an absolutely amazing day!

How to Protect Your Wedding Dress



Whether you are wearing a new wedding gown or an heirloom wedding gown, you want your wedding dress to be perfect in every way.  Here are some tips to make sure your dress stays in tip top shape.

Prior to the Wedding:

Avoid excessive handling of your gown.  Clean hands are a must.  Carefully and fully inspect your gown – inside and out.  Check the beading – is it sewed or glues?  Some glued beads cannot withstand dry cleaning or even a gentle wet cleaning process.  Look at the pleats.  Some pleats may not withstand cleaning, pressing or steaming without losing their crispness or structure.  Inspect your gown for loose trim – make sure all ends are properly sewed.  Check the hook and eyelets at the top of the zipper – is it secure.

Finally, always hang your wedding dress from the loops inside the gown which are attached to the side seams.  And please, no wire hangers.  Protect your gown from exposure to light and air by wrapping it in a clean sheet and never keep your gown in a plastic bag as fabric needs to breath.

After your Wedding Day:

It is important to have your wedding dress properly cleaned by a Wedding Gown Specialist.  Make sure your cleaner can remove sugar, salt, and acid stains – seen or unseen.  Sugar stains can cause yellowing or caramelizing leaving ugly brown stains on your bridal gown.  Pack in 100% acid free tissue to eliminate permanent creases and fold.  Many cleaners here have special see through boxes that are acid free that are perfect for storing your dress.

A little preventive care goes a long way.  After all, your daughter just might be wearing your wedding dress in the future.

Saving Money for Your Bridesmaids

Asking your friend or relative to be a bridesmaid is asking them to invest in your relationship as a friend.   It’s expensive.  And I’ve encountered girls who have participated in three or four weddings in one year!

So, be a good friend and help her financially as well when it comes time to purchase her dress.   We all want to look our best, so instead of picking out a specific dress, let them decide on a style within your designated color.   There are lots of different styles, and generally we all know what style suits our body shape the best.    Your gals can shop within their budget and find the dress in which they will truly shine. Suggest they shop end of the season sales to get some great deals.   And many brides are going with the shorter “knee” length dress because not only does it save money, but those dresses can more likely be worn again for other functions.

Everything you Need to Know about Buying a Wedding Dress


As a young girl, you probably have always dreamed or at least thought of your wedding day.  And every girl when they get their ring wants to start wedding dress shopping.  However, once you start, you will quickly understand how overwhelming it can be.  With thousands of dresses and styles available, you can go crazy!  So, let’s break down wedding dress shopping with everything you need to know.

Schedule an Appointment

Most bridal shops prefer you make an appointment because the shop attendant who is working closely with you will help select styles and sizes.  Walk-in are always welcomed, but you might find yourself in the store when it is extremely busy, and your stylist may not be able to give you the time and attention you really should have.  Saturdays are the most popular day for brides-to-be to shop, so you might want to schedule a weekday.

Know Your Wedding Date

If you are purchasing a dress that will be made only after you purchase it, you need between four and seven months for your dress to arrive.  If you are buying “off the rack” you need only allow enough time for tailoring the dress to fit you perfectly, anywhere from one to two months.  So – know your wedding date when you shop.

Understand Dress Terms

To communicate clearly with your stylist, get familiar with wedding dress terms like silhouette, sweetheart neckline, bustles, etc.

Have a Budget Range

Know your price range than you are willing to spend and share that with your stylist.  By creating a range, your stylists can select dresses on either end of the budget and you will get a good array of dresses to try on.

Budget Price Ranges:  $100-$500 and $500 – $1000

Moderate Price Range:  $1000 – $1500

Quality Price Range: $1500 – $2500

High End Price Range: $2500 – $4000

Couture: $4000 and Up

Who & What to Bring With You

The more people you have at your shopping trip will result in more opinions and more chaos.  Select a few special people whose opinion you value and cap it at about three or four individuals.  Bring along any photos of dresses that you really like (just 2 or 3) and don’t forget to bring your undergarments and shoes that you will wear that day.

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