7 Different Ways to Add a Unique Touch to Your Wedding

7 Different Ways to Add a Unique Touch to Your Wedding using locally sourced flowers and floral elements.

Flowers are a key component to any wedding décor.  The Color, Texture, and Smell – all combine to add to the intimacy of the day.   Yes, you and your bridesmaids will carry bouquets, but there are so many additional ways to add the romantic feel of flowers and nature to your event.  To keep the costs in line, look around you.  What is naturally growing in the park.  What is native to our area?  Moss and vines, river rock, ferns, berries and foliage in winter combined with other flowers and décor elements, can be super elegant and beautiful.  Here are some ideas that you might wish to incorporate in your décor.

  • Create a signature drink and add a small floral bloom.
  • Incorporate Garlands with draping and simple white bows to define an area.
  • Centerpieces can be more than just flower arrangements.  Add a touch of wood and/or light with lanterns to add a bit of glamour.
  • Make a Floral Backdrop for an outdoor wedding.
  • Use a floral garland to decorate your cake.
  • Decorate Your Head Table with a beautiful garland of flowers and candles.
  • Decorate a trellis to create a beautiful ceremony site. (This is great for outdoor weddings!)
  • And, one more, decorate the back of the Mr. & Mrs. Chair with more than a bow.

Good local flowers include Gerber Daisies, Roses, Peonies, Baby Breath, Statice, Asters, Mums and Sunflowers.  Be creative and let your imagination soar!

Your Bridesmaids will Love You!

BrideStLouis – Tulle Skirts

Your bridesmaids will love you!  Take a look at these wedding party mix and match tulle skits available in any number of colors.  These tulle shirts can be paired with almost anything post-wedding too!  Your bridesmaids can choose whatever style of top they like as well.

We found some on Etsy at WardrobeByDulcinea.  They consist of 10 layers of snow white tulle with dip dyed bottom and available in 28 colors or request a custom color.  See more pitures and read more about this piece here http://allthingsdulcinea.com/wedding-collection/

Other designers of tulle skirts can be found on etsy as well.

Create a Fun Seating Chart Using Old Photos

Elizabeth-and-Cutter0148-780x520Want an instant conversation piece?  This is so easy and so fun!  First – find meaningful photos of each of your wedding guests.  It could be a picture of you and Aunt Betty at a family reunion, or a photo of you with your Uncle Jim at his Christmas Party, or just a photo of your guest.  Searching for the photos is probably the hardest part – but also the most fun.  It should bring back lots of great memories and it’s a great way to introduce your significant other to family members before the wedding.  Have the photos printed as 4X6 prints and hang them on twine between two polls.  On the back of each photo add their name, your names, wedding date, and table number.  (You can use a blank line for the table number and fill that it closer to your event as things tend to change.)

Finally, print out a small instruction sheet for your guests.  It could say something like:  “Our Memories of our Favorite People.  Locate and take the photo of you.  Your table will be displayed on the back of the photo.”

And as a bonus, on your wedding day your guests will enjoy sharing their photos with each other.  It’s a great “opener” to help blend two families together.

Image Credit:  Jesse Kitt Photography

Tip #142 – Washi Tape – Perfect for the DIY Bride


kids-washi-masking-tapeJapanese Washi tape is perfect for the DIY Bride. These masking tapes are made of washi paper so they are semi transparent, have a nice feel and easy to use. Washi tape can be reused since they are removable and repositionable. Lots of colors and styles. With an endless choice of colors and patterns, not to mention the low price tag, Washi tape is the perfect DIY tool to add some flair to anything.

Here are some ideas for easily incorporating Wwashi-three-colorsashi tape into your wedding decor that anyone with a pair of scissors can pull off.


  • Create your own invitations and favor boxes for a personalized and affordable option. Print your invitation wording on cardstock and lay strips of washi tape. Do several strips for a striped look!
  • With a twist of your wrist you can add eye-catching stripes to solid colored paper straws. Simple start the tape slightly above the top of the straw and unroll as you twist the straw. Cut off the extra at the top and bottom to make a clean edge.
  • Take plain cardboard favor boxes and seal them closed by wrapping the washi tape around the box several times. Add a round label with your names and wedding date on the top, or write your names right on the tape with a gold or silver pen.

Be sure to share with us your creative projects.



Make it you!

Personalized Aisle Runner

Personalized Aisle Runner

I love it when a bride takes a simple standard thing such as an aisle runner and personalizes it.  How special is this as you walk down the aisle.   This aisle runner starts with your first date and proceeds to your day at the altar with photos, timelines, and text.