Reason #3 to come to the 2018 Cake & Champagne Tasting Event & Bridal Show – Eat Lots of Cake!


There are 8 Great Reasons to come to the Cake and Champagne Tasting Event and Bridal Show which is being held on Thursday Evening, November 15th, 2018 at The Holiday Inn Airport West, 3400 Rider Trail South, Earth City, Missouri 63045.  Here is….


Reason #3:  Eat Lots of Cake!


Wedding Cakes have lots of old traditions.  Test your bridesmaids to see how much they know about these traditions.


  1. Saving the top layer

Lots of couples still freeze the top layer of their wedding cake and enjoy it together on their one-year anniversary. But couples didn’t originally save it for their anniversary — they’d save it for their first child’s christening.

In “the olden days,” married couples often had children much earlier than couples do today. It certainly wasn’t unusual to have a child within the first year of marriage. And as wedding cakes grew taller, the top layer was often left over. Religious newlyweds quickly recognized the leftover confection as a perfect dessert for the (undoubtedly upcoming) christening.

Of course, couples eventually started putting off having children, and that frozen layer only stays edible for so long. Now, the one-year mark is the more common occasion for devouring the sweets.

  1. Cutting the cake together

Well, obviously you have to cut the cake to serve it, but we’re talking about the big event of cutting wedding cake. This tradition hasn’t endured just because it’s an adorable photo op! Slicing the cake is the first task or activity the newlyweds do together, so it’s a special moment.

Historically, the cake was cut by the bride alone (as a symbol of losing her virginity…uh, awkward). But as cakes became bigger and more intricate, it became more difficult for the bride to do it alone, so she’d enlist the help of her new hubby. While we’re pretty sure a bride could totally manage to cut a cake on her own, most couples continue to cut the cake to carry on the sweet tradition.

Also, worth noting: The cake cutting is typically the last “event” of the night, so it gives your guests a cue that it’s OK to head out.

  1. Smashing cake in each other’s faces

Not everybody is into the idea of smearing frosting all over their partner’s face, but its silly nature has kept this tradition going! Turns out that messy food traditions have been in place for years.

For example, in Yorkshire, the bride would eat a small piece of bride’s cake (which was more of a pastry than the cakes we think of today). Then, she’d throw the rest of the cake over her head to ensure a life of wanting nothing (and to ensure a huge mess to clean up). In even older times, the groom would break bead over the bride’s head and guests would pick up the crumbs.

It’s not totally clear how we got from picking up crumbs and throwing cake to smearing frosting across someone’s face, but one thing’s for sure — brides and grooms have always played with their food!

  1. Serving a creative groom’s cake

Grooms got a little jealous of the bride’s cake, so by the 17th century, the desserts were made in pairs — a bride’s cake and a groom’s cake, which was typically a small fruitcake. But instead of being served at the reception, the groom’s cake was cut up, packaged and given to guests as favors.

The tradition of groom’s cakes actually died out in the U.K. after a while, but resurged in the U.S. more recently. Of course, groom’s cakes now aren’t fruitcakes but more creative creations.

  1. White wedding cakes

These days, white frosting and cake are far from required for weddings, but white was the norm for quite a while.

There’s the whole white symbolizing virginity and innocence thing, but the real reason was more for practicality than tradition or symbolism. Icing is made of sugar…and sugar is white. But as time went on, a whiter-than-white frosting became a status symbol — a more refined (and expensive) sugar resulted in a purer white.

Another fun tidbit: “Royal icing” got its name from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s cake in 1804, which was decorated in white.

  1. Lots of tiers

While we love small wedding cakes (one or two tiers can be adorable), traditionally, wedding cakes had up to seven tiers.

That’s a tradition that likely stems from a different baked good. In medieval times, spiced buns were stacked as high as possible in a giant pile. If the newlyweds could kiss over the tower of pastries, they’d be in for a lifetime of prosperity. As wedding sweets moved from buns to cake, chances are that nobody wanted to do away with the towering display of dessert.

Who knew that dessert could be so symbolic? Of course, some of the symbolism has worn off over the years, so if any of the weird roots make you uncomfortable, just know that most people won’t relate the tradition to its unusual origins. And like all wedding traditions, none of these is mandatory! Want a purple cake? Go for it!

Source:  Kirstin Doherty



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This is an event not to miss!

Thursday Evening – November 15th, 2018

Time:  6pm to 8:30pm

Place:  Holiday Inn Airport West

3400 Rider Trail South, Earth City, MO 63045

(Located just off Highway 70 at the Earth City Expressway)

 (You can register right on the HOME PAGE)

Our Thanks & Appreciation

12246971_10153252812973450_7797677576449912606_nThanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect back on the past year. We’d like to take this time to sincerely give our thanks and appreciation to you!

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Did you know that every Wednesday at the St. Louis County courthouse you can get married by a judge?

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Sometimes couples decide that the larger, formal wedding just doesn’t work for them.  They instead decide to “elope”.  (You don’t have to leave town to elope.)  This decision might be precipitated by military deployment, family issues, or just because they want to forgo the expense and time consuming traditional wedding.  

Getting married is a very important step in your life and even If you are considering such an “elopement” there are better options.  Perfect Elopements (, a consortium of wedding professionals, is a company that brings everything together for you to have a beautiful wedding ceremony without the huge expense and you can schedule your wedding with just a few days, or sometimes, hours notice.  Flowers, cupcakes, photographer, and an officiant starting at just $395.00.  Just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful.  You show up with your rings and your license.  That’s it! 

Andrea and Lee


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If you know anyone wanting to get married, share this information with them.  Help them have a day full or wonderful memories.


Venues that Allow Outside Caterers






A lot of brides have asked us if we could provide a list of venues that allow outside caterers.  We found for you lots of choices – from community spaces to elegant historic homes.  If you book one of these venues, be sure to tell the venue that you found them through

Be aware that some venues do charge extra fees for non-preferred catering.  Some are reasonable and some are extremely high.  All will require proof of insurance and other such documents that a good business caterer should have no problem producing.










560 Music Center, 560 Trinity Ave., St. Louis, MO 63130,

Dog Museum, 1721 S. Mason Road, St. Louis, MO., 63131,

Ballwin VFW Hall, 115 Minosa Lane, Ballwin, MO 63011,

Blanchette Park Memorial Hall, 1900 W. Randolph St., St. Charles, MO 63101,

Casa Loma Ballroom, 3354 Iowa Ave., St. Louis, MO.,

Charles F. Knight Center, Washington University,

City Hall Rotunda, 1200 Market St., St. Louis, Missouri

Concordia Turners,

The Edge of Webster, 359 Marshall Ave., Webster Groves, MO 63119,

Florissant Egan Center, Florissant, Missouri,

Foundry Art Center, 520 N. Main Center, St. Charles, MO 63301,

The Hawken House, 1155 S. Rock Hill Road, Webster Groves, MO 63119,

Kuhs Estate and Farm, 13061 Spanish Lake Pond Road, St. Louis, MO. 63138,

The Lodge at Des Peres, 1050 Des Peres Road, St. Louis, Mo. 63131,

Machinists Hall, 12365 St. Charles Rock Road, Bridgeton, MO 63044

Magic Chef Mansion, 3400 Russell,St. Louis, MO, 63104,

The Mahler Ballroom, 4915 Washington Ave., St. Louis, MO,

Oakland House, (5 to choose from)

Old Courthouse – Downtown, St. Louis, Missouri

Powell Symphony Hall, St. Louis, MO,

Quail Ridge (St. Charles County Parks), Wentzville, MO 63385,

Sheldon Concert Hall, 3648 Washington Blvd, St. Louis, MO. 63108,

Silver Oaks Chateau, (several to choose from)

St. Louis City Hall, St. Louis, Missouri

Third Degree Glass Factory, St. Louis, MO,


If you know of others that you would like us to add to the list, let us know, and we will check them out.

Brides Against Breast Cancer

The Brides Against Cancer Charity Bridal Event & Trunk Sale was held Saturday at the Hollywood Casino.  Brides Against Breast Cancer is a nationwide tour of gowns that offers brides the opportunity to purchase beautiful wedding gowns from as low as $75 to $1800 – a fraction of their original cost.  The revenue generated by Brides Against Breast Cancer makes it possible to deliver free information and services to thousands of children and adults impacted by cancer.   It was a great success with a few additional vendors there as well such as Nicole Lenau featuring Jamberry products, Catlynn Zayon featuring Younique products, Big Bow Event LLC,  and many more.  Bang for Your Buck Mobile DJ was the DJ for the day.  Look for this event to return in September.  Here are a few images of the day.



Bang Buck




7 Ways to Help Eliminate That Awkward Feeling in Front of the Lens on your Wedding Day

On your wedding day it’s vital to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and lots of couples say that they feel awkward and a bit uneasy – and that stress will show in your images.  Nerves are generally translated into your photos as strange expressions and stances.  Your smiles will be stiff and your face will be strained with little emotion in the eyes.

Relaxed Couple at door

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your photographer during the day so here are a few tips to help overcoming awkwardness during your photo time.

  1.  First and foremost be sure to meet with your photographer in person to determine how comfortable you feel with him or her.  A professional photographer will work with you to make you feel at ease – like a friend.  Your photographer should be someone who will help you relax, and guide you through every minute of your time together.  I’ve seen photographers who will joke and strike up a mutual conversation in between shots and the result is natural, relaxed images.
  2. Your photos should be capturing the story of the day and a lot of the time you won’t even know that the photographer is doing his thing.   Except for the formals or portraits, don’t smile at the camera or play to the camera – go about enjoying your day as if the photographer wasn’t even there.  How difficult is that?
  3. Many couples choose to do an engagement shoot to get use to posing and following their photographer’s directions.  That can give you an extra confidence boost.
  4. A fashion model learns that “if it bends, bend it” and what that means to you is avoid those straight arms down at your sides and straight legs.  A relaxed bend at the elbow or hands on the hips is flattering.  And for your guys leave those legs a shoulder width apart and bend your feet outward so your toes are facing away from each other.   Crossing your legs one leg in front of the other gives a nice curve to the body.
  5. Be yourself and have fun.  You don’t always have to pose.  Actual interactive shots turn out so much better as those images gives a glimpse into your relationship.
  6. If you’re still feeling uncomfortable – add some props to hold or do an activity – take a walk together, just snuggle together, or tell each other how you feel today.
  7. And then there is “The Kiss Shot.”  There’s something about an almost kiss or a post kiss shot that captures a moment in time.  A mix of little kisses and smiles can create a kind of sweet flirtation moment between you.  Some people smush noses or keep their eyes open, so kiss gently and softly and close your eyes and feel the emotion between the two of you.

Haas-146 (2)

Creating an experience that keeps you relaxed is the key to great images.  While we love photographs with great backgrounds, it is the portrait we connect with emotionally that will remain the most compelling, and these emotional reactions come from being your true self, gently guided by your photographer.