Helpful Guides for Planning Your Wedding


This is huge!   Brides tells us the hardest part of planning a wedding is finding the right venue.  Well, we listen, and we have compiled the BEST VENUE REVIEW anywhere!  For a sneak preview of various venues check our blog for some recent Venue Profiles that have been published.  Coming December 28, 2016



The first step in any wedding planning is to determine what the priorities are for both the bride and groom.  Download these complimentary charts which helps identify those priorities.  For your complimentary copy for the BridePriorities for the Bride click here.  For your complimentary copy for the Groom Priorities for the Groom click here.


Ebook – Wedding Planning for the St. Louis/St. Charles Bride 2017

FREE Ebook – Wedding Planning for the St. Louis/St. Charles Bride.  Everything you need to know about planning your wedding including budgets, worksheets, and tips for planning your big day.  Email us at to receive this complementary Ebook.


The Bride’s Guide to Wedding photography

Do you want to know more about wedding photography?  Download this complimentary ebook which talks about scheduling the day with photography in mind, finding a photographer, and getting photos that fit your style.   For your complimentary copy of “The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Photography” click here.


How do you get a Marriage License in the State of Missouri?  

We compiled a list of marriage license details in Missouri, please check here for information for your specific county.


What are the proper social conventions when addressing invitations? 

Read our guide proper social conventions to have your invitations addressed correctly.


Do you have a list of essentials for the wedding day?  

Yes, click here for a checklist of wedding day essential items  that you may need.


I am having a sunset wedding   How do I determine when the sun will set?

This link will help you determine the exact time of sunset.


What instructions do you have regarding clothing for the Engagement Session?   

 That’s easy.    Click here to learn what to wear for your engagement session and what not to wear.


What should I included in the Emergency Wedding Day Survival Kit?  

Click here to download this list of items to include.